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Thursday April 24th 2014

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For My Fellow Folk Lovers

So I discovered a wonderful folk band the other day that I absolutely must share. Swear and Shake is a New York-based foursome that will be releasing their first LP, Maple Ridge, later this month. After their release of their 5 track album titled  Extended Play in [Read More]

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Doe Paoro: On Repeat

Today, I had one of those rare musical moments when you instantly fall madly in love with a song. And an artist. Her name is Sonia Kreitzer, but her stage name is Doe (a deer, a female deer) Paoro (PAH-ro; it rhymes), which is so cute it’s almost cheesy. Except this [Read More]

Latest Topics

The XX shared their newest album release with just one fan in order to see how fast it would go viral. Check it out [Read More]

Adventures in Your Own Backyard

Nothing like a haunting acoustic guitar with a western-esque scale to get the dopamine flowing. ‘Adventures in [Read More]



I’m sure its a combination of the long hair and being in San Francisco everyday, but I’ve been craving some [Read More]

Martin Solveig – The Night Out ( Madeon Remix)

Martin Solveig – The Night Out ( Madeon Remix)

The 18 year old French producer was jettisoned into the EDM scene after sampling 37 songs into a live mix (if you [Read More]

Yuksek- “Brother”

Yuksek- “Brother”

  I have a theory: Disco never died, it just moved to France. Yuksek’s remix Brother has all the essence of [Read More]

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