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Thursday April 17th 2014

Ctrl Alt Del – Free the Robots

Andddd I’m back! To all of my loyal fans ( fan? ) who were undoubtedly concerned about me, my laptop decided that it no longer wanted to be anything but a paperweight, so there was a period of time where I had no music library. Problem now solved, it’s time for a review.

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Free the Robots is a band that my electronic-hating roommate mysteriously found, and handed off to me. It’s the solo project of one Chris Alfaro, a DJ out of Santa Ana, CA. According to the source i found, Free the Robots evolved out of the varied music styles that he had to play for his DJing career, and I can believe it.

The first part of the album, and quite a lot of the rest, is primarily dubstep influenced; though I’d hesitate to actually call it dubstep. Yes, there’s plenty of wub, but there’s also a lot of downtempo influence, and some glitch, oddly enough. This is actually some of the most immersive electronic music I’ve ever listened to, it won’t hold all of your attention, but there’ll always be a foot tapping, or a head bobbing. The beats are just that good, especially in the first four track, which I’ll get back to later. In addition to being very subtly catchy, this album stays interesting all the way through. I think that it’s mostly due to his tendency toward unusual, interesting, and pretty much perfect sampling. He samples old movies, odd sounds, and even a washboard in one track.

I liked this whole album, but as I mentioned above, my favorite part is the megatrack composed out of the first four tracks. At just under half an hour long, it’s not a quick listen, but it’s worth every second. It’s the most heavily dubstep inspired track on the album, and there’s not one second that I didn’t spend grooving along to that beat.

It’s also worth noting the track “The Eye“, which features Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta. It’s a pretty wild departure from the rest of the album thus far, starting off as Jazz keyboard before segueing into a Jazz-Dub fusion thing that lasts for the rest of the album, closing the album on as strong a note as it started.

It’s never going to be a top 25 hit, but if you’ve got some time and need to relax, this is 100% the album for you, and I hope you guys like it as much as I do.

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