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Wednesday August 27th 2014

Prolonging the Magic

Artist: Cake
Album: Prolonging the Magic
Genre: Alt. Rock

I’m going to start by saying, I hope the lyricist isn’t basing all these songs on a real life experiences, because yeah…that’d suck… A LOT. I gave this band to a friend of mine with a shitty girlfriend and he fell in love (with the band), and from then on Cake became the country haters country music. That said, this is the closest thing to country music I will probably ever review. This band’s sound is best described as country meets rock comparable to Beck: minus the Becktionary. All of their songs have at least a guitar, drums and bass; from there they add anything from a trumpet to a “vibra-slap“.

Taken Best: Realizing you have a shitty girlfriend or when ever you’re in the mood for some catchy lyrics and melody.

I chose Prolonging the Magic because it has my favorite song on it, it was a tough choice because all the albums are great (and have a very similar sound), so I had to go with my favorite. Here’s my personal choice, “Never There“, mostly because of the guitar part (I can’t really relate to this track.. right now). I like all their albums, I once listened to all five of them while laid over at an airport; so they’re def. worth checking out.

Track Question: “Friend is a Four Letter Word“: I’m on the bar between “love” or “hate”, what are your thoughts?

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